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Location: D building of 6th Huanping Road, GaoQiao Zone of PingDi Town, LongGang district, Shenzhen 518117,P.R.C
Bio: Toppo Lighting company limited is one of the professional manufacturer which specialize in developing, producing and selling

for Led Lighting. As a worldwide LED manufacturer, We have various series of LED lighting which include: LED Smart Lights,LED

Panel lights, LED batten Lights,Led tube lights, LED Tri-proof lights, LED Linear lights, LED 2D Bulkheads,LED Wall packs,LED

down lights, LED Ceiling lights, LED Track Lights etc. All of our products were widely used by our customers in the following

fields: Commercial Lighting, Industrial lighting, Architecture lighting, Indoor and outdoor lighting, LED city lighting,

Stage lighting etc.

Under the growing in these years, We not only have the advanced production machines & fixtures, but also We have set up our

own engineering laboratory which can do all the safety testing. Such as: the Photometric testing, EMI testing, EMF testing,

Surge Testing, ESD testing, IES testing. etc.

We always pay our most attention to the customer's requirements. Toppo has won a favorable reputation among our worldwide

clients. We keep all Toppo people's resolve to achieve our wishes –“Saving energy as possible, Brightening the world as we

can”, We always do the best to achieve our operation principle ---“Morality as the basic, quality as the life, customer as

the center, innovation as the source, result as the guide”.

We believe under the policy of “Details determine the success or failure Quality determine the survival.

Toppo will take further steps to manufacture best LED products at competitive price and best quality to emblaz your happy

modern life.

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